With warming weather trends in Columbus and Central Ohio just around the corner, budding trees, blossoming grass, blooming flowers, house dust, molds and other allergens can lead to allergies (atopic dermatitis) in your dog or cat.

Inhaled particles including pollen, dust, and mold can impact your cat or dog similar to how hay fever or other allergens may affect you. However while humans have cough, sneeze, runny nose, and sore throat, pets often display their symptoms through licking, scratching, and biting themselves attempting to relieve their irritated skin.

In addition to the rashes, skin eruptions, and general discomfort suffered by the pet, this consistent licking, scratching, and biting can lead to hair loss in the affected areas, as well as more severe problems such as infections due to the sores it creates.

Depending on the severity of your dog or cats allergies (atopy), some methods of treatment may include medicated shampoos, oral medicines, immunotherapy, antihistamines, or steroids. No matter what the season, if you suspect that your dog or cat may have allergies, the veterinarians at Best Friends Vet Hospital are here to help. Fill out our contact form or call our office at (614) 889-7387 today!