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Did you know 85% of adult pets have periodontal disease? If left untreated the bacteria that cause periodontal disease will travel from the mouth into the blood stream and begin to affect the heart, kidneys and liver and unfortunately, has even been linked to early death.

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Why Dental Exam For Pets

Your pets dental health is important!

The good news is, periodontal disease is preventable. Even if you miss the prevention window and the disease process has begun, there are steps you can take to control the disease even though it cannot be cured. Whatever the grade of periodontal disease your pet is experiencing we can treat it. We begin with a professional dental cleaning with your pet comfortably under anesthesia. Our highly trained technical staff begins the cleaning by performing a comprehensive oral examination.

 Then, the largest build up of tartar will be removed with hand held dental instruments. Next, the technician utilizes a special ultrasonic hand piece that removes the remainder of the tartar through sonic vibration. The ultrasonic hand piece also has an attachment that allows the sub-gingival area (under the gum line) to be cleaned gently. Once all of the tartar has been cleaned from the mouth, the technician goes back through and evaluates everything more closely. Any periodontal pockets, loose or fractured teeth, or general areas of concern will be x-rayed. The veterinarian interprets these x-rays and decides if extractions or periodontal surgery are necessary. Once the doctors portion of the procedure is complete, the technician will polish all surfaces of all teeth and finish by applying fluoride foam. Generally, a routine professional dental cleaning takes approximately one hour from start to finish. When extractions or periodontal surgery are required, it takes a good deal more time.

What if Extensive Oral Surgery is Necessary?

At Best Friends we do not perform extensive oral surgeries such as crowning teeth or orthodontics. On occasions where the doctors feel that would be a good option for your pet we would offer a referral to a dental specialist

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Warning, video contains graphic content.

Post Dental Cleaning Pet Care

Once your pet is home and has recovered from their dental cleaning you may begin home dental care. There are a few options when considering what home dental care will be appropriate for you and your pet. Brushing your pets teeth is the best option, however, some animals will not allow it and we do not want you to get bitten in the process. We offer a special dental diet, Purina DH, available only form your veterinarian. This diet is a large kibble specially formulated to break apart slowly and actually scrub the teeth. This diet is available in both canine and feline formulations, please ask our staff if it would be appropriate for your pet. We recommend brushing your pet’s teeth or regular professional cleanings.

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