Coronavirus COVID-19 and Pet risks in Columbus, Ohio showing cat and dog wearing masks
dog and cat with coronavirus mask

Coronavirus COVID-19 has officially been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.  While the importance of social distancing of human interaction is becoming more widely known, as a local veterinary hospital our clients are asking us if they should be concerned about Coronavirus in Dogs and Cats.

What Are The Coronavirus Risks For Dogs and Cats?

While there no indication that COVID-19 is contagious to or can be spread by dogs and cats, we are closely following this topic. According to The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center, there is no evidence yet to believe that our dogs, cats, or other pets are at risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. To date, the World Health Organization has noted only one case of a dog becoming infected in Hong Kong, and states “there is no evidence that a dog, cat or any pet can transmit COVID-19.”

Can I Care For My Pet If I Have Coronavirus?

It is believed that COVID-19 is not communicable to our pets, however it is still recommended by the CDC and the American Medical Veterinary Association for those who are ill to limit contact with animals until more information about the virus is known. It is suggested to have another person to care for your pet while you are sick, including walking, feeding, and playing with your pet.

If you are ill and have a service animal or nobody else is available to care for your pet, it is suggested to take additional precautions regarding interactions with the animal. These precautions include washing your hands before and after contact with the animal, wearing a facemask, and avoidance of sharing food, kissing, or hugging the pet.